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About Us

Our Employees

Kimberly Sacco (Secretary Treasurer): 724-239-2112

Ruth DiNardo (Assistant Secretary): 724-239-2112

Arthur Blackburn (Street Supervisor) 724-239-2112

Mark Bostich (Street Laborer) 724-239-2112

Benjamin Babirad (Real Estate Tax Collector) 724-255-3754

Kerry Krider (Code Enforcement Officer) 724-350-2874

Sam Vargo (Animal Control Officer) 724-483-0793 or 724-810-1508

Henry Wilson, Jr (Seasonal Park Maintenance)

Our Council


Thomas Brown: 724-239-5308 or 724-239-4701


Stan Glowaski: 724-239-3673 (Streets and Bridges)

Vice President

Roy Larimer 724-239-5574 (Police and Lights, Building and Borough Properties

President Pro Tem

Gary Damich 724-239-3044 (Building and Borough Properties, Health and Sanitation, Finance and Purchases

Councilwoman Shannon Watson 724-953-6805 (Health and Sanitiation, Buildings and Borough Properties, Redevelopment

Councilman Timothy Jansante 724-239-3044 (Redevelopment, Health and Sanitation, Finance

Councilman Robert Paul 724-239-3735  (Streets & Bridges, Police & Lights

Councilman William Jobes 724-884-5925 (Finance and Purchases, Streets and Bridges, Redevelopment

Solicitor Dennis Makel 724-222-7639 (

Welcome to the Bentleyville Borough

2015 Bentleyville Budget

Check back for more updates!!

Next Council Meeting 4/7/15 @ 7pm


Permit Application

  • Submit to Code Enforcement Officer with $40
  • Additions
  • New construction
  • Out buildings
  • Home businesses

Richardson Park Rental Application
Application must be made to the Borough Office during regular business hours. Availability of Pavillions on a first come first serve basis.

  • Large Pavilion $30
  • Large Pavilion w/Electric $50
  • Small Pavilion $25
  • Small Pavilion w/Electric $40
  • Alcohol Permit $20

Solicitation Permit
$5 Non-Refundable Fee; in addition

  • $1/day, $5/week, $10/month, $50/year
  • Copy of valid driver's license
  • Proof of liability insurance

Cat Trap Agreement

  • $25 deposit on Catch and Release Trap

Complaint Form
Turned in, faxed or mailed to the Borough Office

Driveway Permit

Council Minutes

Zoning, Planning and Subdivisions

Comprehensive Plan Update Adopted 4/3/2001

Comprehensive Plan Pages

Comprehensive Plan Cont'd


Our Services


Fairpoint Communications

Atlantic Broadband

West Penn Power

Equitable Gas

Pigeon Creek Sanitation
(724) 239-2381

Other Services

Waste Management
200 Rangos Lane
Washington, PA 15301
Phone: (724) 222-3272
Fax: (724) 222-4027

HMT and Associates, Inc
130 Cecil Street
Canonsburg, PA 15317
Phone: (724) 916-0061
Fax: (724) 916-0075

Real Estate Tax Collection
Benjamin Babirad
1304 Main St
Bentleyville, PA 15314
Phone: (724) 239-3754
Other: (724) 239-6230

Bentleyville Police

Welcome Chief Young
900 Main ST
Bentleyville, Pa. 15314
Non-Emergency Number: 724-239-2701
Fax Number: 724-239-2702
Washington Co. 911 724-229-4600

Bentleyville Volunteer Fire Department

Bentleyville Volunteer Fire Department
Station 11
900 Main ST
Bentleyville, Pa. 15314
(724) 239-5588
For Emergencies: 911
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Support Our Local Businesses

Want your business listed here?? Contact the Borough at 724-239-2112.

Pictures from around town!

Animals found around town


900 Main ST
Bentleyville, PA 15314

Monday through Friday
8:00AM through 4:00PM
Closed Noon -1:00pm for Lunch

724-239-2113 Fax